Il ballo delle meduse

-A dancing Jellyfish-

a film by Aurelio Laino



title. Il Ballo delle Meduse / A Dancig Jellyfish

produced by. Freesidefilms (UK), Decima Rosa (IT), 4Rooms (IT)

with the support of Genova Liguria Film Commission

release date. 2018

spec. feature lenght drama, 84 min, color 2:33:1, Italy - UK

music by Antimo Magnotta, sound Emanuele Gabbi, production manager Fabio Canepa and Alice Spigno, stunt coordinator Pierluigi Ferrero,

camera Eugenio Pizzorno, d.o.p. Elena Alessia Negriolli 

produced by Alessandro D'Alessandro, Aurelio Laino, Elena Alessia Negriolli, Germano Wolf

written and directed by Aurelio Laino

Filmed entirely on location in Genova (Italy)

starring. Alessandro Ananasso, Eleonora Cucciarelli, Igor Cherstich, Anna Elena Pepe, Simone Douani

In this on the road thriller, underdog illegal thug Ahmed and cynic gold-digger Valentina, find themselves running away together. They both have reasons to hide from a dangerous art trafficker and they will have to learn how to trust each other if they want to have a chance to change their own fate.

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